Cleo Smith #1
Universal Fastpitch - Wells

Etna High School
Class of 2020
Pitcher / Outfield / Utility

    NCAA ID#             NAIA ID# 
  1707844791           0452105

GPA: 3.7  SAT: N/A  ACT: N/A
6th Grade Honor Roll
7th Grade Honor Roll
8th Grade Honor Roll
9th Grade Honor Roll
Greenhand Degree- FFA
Chapter Degree- FFA
​Christmas for Everyone-Serving CC County people in need

5’6” / 150 lbs
Throws / Bats:
Right / Right
Ross & Wendy

14U Oregon State Champions
2015 SCL League Champions
Volleyball, Basketball and Softball
(2016-17) SCL League Champions  Volleyball, Basketball and Softball
(2017-18) SCL League MVP
(2017) SCL League MVP
(2018) Beat Home Run Record at Etna High School Freshman Year

Personal Statement
I have been playing softball for as long as I can remember. I started playing ponytail when I was 8 years old. I then started ASA ball when I was 9. All the girls and parents from my team would talk about college softball and college softball players. That's when I started watching. After watching a couple of seasons, I decided that's what I wanted to do when I grew up. Ever since then, my goal was to play for a college team. I wanted to be that player you would watch on TV and all the little girls would look up to. I don't want softball to end after high school. I love playing softball because of the intensity level and the amount of teamwork it takes. The games where it's the bottom of the seventh and you're down by one run are the moments when you can feel your whole team coming together and that's what I live for. I love to join teams to meet new people and create bonds with different girls from all over. Playing collegiality would give me a chance to play at an extremely higher level, and it would be a great experience while earning a degree because I also am a high achiever in the classroom.