Jackie Bowman #14
Universal Fastpitch - Wells

 Bishop O'Dowd HighSchool
Class of 2021
 Catcher / Shortstop

   N/A                N/A

5'9" / 155 ibs
Throws / Bats:
Right / Right
Thomas & Lisa 
Eighth Grade- volleyball CYO champs, basketball CYO 2nd place Cal softball camp-summer Freshman year-Varsity softball Cal softball camp-summer Sophomore year- varsity Waterpolo, varsity softball Cal softball camp-fall
GPA: 3.4  SAT: N/A  ACT: N/A
Sixth through eighth grade, outstanding achievement award for technology Accepted into every high school applied to with honors at acceptance Freshman year- high school team awarded outstanding cumulative GPA, at 3.52. Sophomore year- joined the film club and the hockey club

Personal Statement
I consider myself to be a naturally extroverted person, and I love to be around people. Sports, especially softball are my favorite things in the world because I have the most fun, and I love improving myself. I participate in other sports like water polo and volleyball mainly to keep in shape and keep my mind and alertness sharp for softball season. I recently joined my high school water polo team, with no previous experience in the water, and actually made varsity in the first year, and picking up a love for that game as well as softball. As far as academics go, I am interested mostly in my math and science, and technology classes. I do not have a clear idea of what I want to pursue yet, but sports medicine and science are very interesting and most fun for me to learn. My goal is to play softball in college and to get a degree.